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What is eligible for a grant?

The listing here below is a more detailed definition of the SVS rules of practice and is valid as such

Credit-based studies

Leads to increased rights/competence

Language courses

public tutoring as well as private

Eligible Studies

Study towards credits and increased rights, real skills assessment and language courses. 

Fits the definitions of a course

Job-related courses

If unclear, please provide explanations

Counselling, supervision and any treatment/ therapy do not qualify

Eligible Courses

Job-related courses. If unclear, a justification or further explanations must accompany the application. 


Private lessons related to job-related courses are not eligible for funding.


Fits the definitions of a course

Must be preventative rather than treatment for existing condition

Only domestic self-empowerment courses

Job-related coaching

amounting to 12 hours per calendar year. The number of hours must be specified on the invoice

Eligible Self- Empowerment

Self-Empowerment courses domestically which are preventive and/or strengthening. Examples: Goal setting, performance, communication, stress management, leadership skills.


Please note that the fund does not provide grants for fitness programs, training fees or courses that are meant to work with individuals’ health problems. Courses that are part of treatment/therapy concerning individuals’ health problems are therefore not eligible for a grant from the fund. Example: Courses/counselling/treatment for anxiety, burnout, depression.



Job-related coaching and management coaching are eligible for grants as they are classified as job-related self-empowerment, even though such coaching does not meet the fund’s criteria for courses. The number of hours of coaching must be stated on the invoice.


Other types of coaching are not eligible for grants from the fund.

Fits the definitions of a course

Job-related courses

If unclear, please provide explanations

Online subscriptions

to platforms which offer a range of job- related courses

Eligible Online Courses

Job-related online course: It can be an individual course or a subscription to websites/online learning platforms with job-related courses.


The fund does not provide grants to buy software programs, even if teaching material is included.

A conference with an organized agenda

that includes job-related lectures

Only conference fees

Itinerary and a link to the website of the conference

Eligible Conference

A conference with job-related lectures. If unclear how the conference is job-related, reasoning, or further explanations must accompany the application. 


Please note that you can apply for a travel grant for your accommodation- and travel expenses in a separate application.


Fits the definitions of a course

Beginner courses but not continuous practicing/training in the same subject

Paid invoice

The invoice must be in the name of the applicant

Only domestic leisure courses

Leisure Courses

Courses must fit the above mentioned definitions of a course. See further details in article 5 of the fund's rules of procedure.


Beginner courses that fit the above definitions qualify for grants, but continuous practicing/training does not.


Fitness programs and yoga classes are considered as continuous practice/training unless they are defined as beginner classes.


Please note that it is not possible to receive a grant more than once for a beginner's course in the same subject.


Courses that have the purpose of preparing individuals for certain events/competitions are not eligible for grants.


Private tutoring as part of leisure-based courses, active physiological and psychological treatments/therapy do not qualify for grants.

The trip is taken in relation to job-related study, conference, or course

The distance between the place of residence and the educational institution is more than 50 km

A separate application for a travel grant must be submitted

Paid invoices must be in the member's name

Travel Grants

Members can apply for a grant for travel- and accommodation costs when they attend a job-related study, course, a company's job-related educational trip or a conference